WEPastor Aaron & Justine MutebiLCOME TO RAINBOW CHRISTIAN SCHOOL, the centre of Knowledge, Skill and Excellence. Rainbow Christian School is a dream come true.

These two wonderful Christian Schools started as a result of hearing from God. The dream of building a school was deep in my heart for decades. I always wanted to help provide education to the children of Uganda because both my parents were an educated. So I prayed to God to give me sponsors to help me educated kids who could not afford education as my parents were. As I was praying, the Lord spoke to me and said, “You can become a Sponsor yourself. Don’t wait for someone else to sponsor the children.

When I heard that from God, I acted instantly.

I went to the Bank and withdraw some money and I started by sponsoring about 30 children in a primary school. I sponsored them in a Moslem primary school in Entebbe because their school fees was affordable. I paid school fees for them for a couple of years but I did not like the religious part of it b,se these being Christian kids, they were compelled take Islamic lessons.

I therefore prayed to God that if He ever gave me an opportunity to build a school, I would build it on a Christian foundation. I also sponsored other students in secondary schools. I educated them all the way to senior six.

When God saw that I was obedient to his voice and to his command, He opened up a financial door for me and I was able to buy land in Entebbe and built this multi million shilling campus.

This campus houses Rainbow Christian kindergarten, one of the best Kindergarten Schools in Uganda and Rainbow Christian School one of the best Primary institution in the country.

In the next few years, Rainbow Christian secondary School will be a reality.

When you bring your child to Rainbow, you will never regret.

RAINBOW, “Hope for the Future.”